getting around without fuel

October 31, 2008

Here is an area that I could really work on. I drive (in a fuel-efficient diesel) to work and back home which adds to about 16 km a day. I try to drive outside of Toronto’s rush hours whenever possible, and there are always at least two people in the car. However, I feel really guilty about not doing better, but I don’t want to can’t seem to shake this habit.

Here’s what I commit to do:

  • work from home more often starting now
  • start using bio-diesel next spring
  • bike to work in the summer (if I can get over my fear of sharing the road with cars)

I would be much more likely to bike if Toronto was more bike-friendly. Presently, there are no bike lanes on my route. To get many more people to bike we need bike lanes with curbs separating car traffic – people just don’t feel safe right now.

Wish me luck. This one’s going to be hard for me.


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