organic carbon-based lifeform?

December 2, 2008

Organic is an abused word when it comes to food. Like the word green (as described by Sarika Cullis Suzuki) it has become diluted from it’s purer source. When big-box stores are doing it, I tend to become sceptical. Being aware of how your food is produced is the only way to remain true to the essence of organic food. Besides being almost free of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, animals raised organically (at least in Canada) have more space per animal and have access to the outdoors. Everyone should be aware that organic animals may be killed in the same slaughter-houses as animals that have not been raised organically.

Does the food taste better? Is it better for you? Dr. Alan Greene is still finding out three years later: For Three Years, Every Bite Organic. Get to know your organic farmers. Visit them. Pay them well. Be nice to them. You may need them someday.


One Response to “organic carbon-based lifeform?”

  1. […] July 31, 2009 Interesting study about organic food and how we are being duped. I agree that most people are duped by mass-produced, industrial organic food. When big supermarkets started down the organic trend, I became sceptical about organic standards. When something becomes trendy, I tend to become extremely wary and normally extricate myself from the mass hype. […]

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