non-violent resistance in a taser world

February 16, 2009

My obsession with tasers peaked when I saw a video of an UCLA student being repeatedly tasered by campus police for not following their orders. The student was in the library without identification (<sarcasm>apparently a just cause for using extreme force</sarcasm>) and was in the process of voluntarily leaving when confronted by campus police. It took me several hours to calm down enough to be able to sleep that night.

These officers adamantly asserted their power over this individual (probably because they were trained to) though he was not a threat. When the individual slumped to the floor in non-violent resistance, he was warned to “get up” and was tasered several times when he did not comply. The alternative was clear – the officers could have easily picked up the student and carried him out.

There are several examples of unnecessary force captured by cell phone video cameras – who ever thought that this would prove to be one of the few avenues that the public has against corrupt authority. Go to YouTube and search for “taser”. Besides the drunk fools who taser each other (and themselves) in fun, there are multiple videos of brutal force by security officers who believe that the public has extremely limited rights.

Here is another example of a student at a John Kerry rally who got tasered for asking the wrong question. John Kerry, to his credit, wanted to answer the question, but couldn’t over the victim’s screams.


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  1. […] to their gun then we would be on the right path. As a minimum, they should never be used to deter non-violent resistance. Posted by ls Filed in people Tags: police, tasers, Thomas Braidwood Leave a Comment […]

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