obama in cairo

June 4, 2009

I haven’t seen the entire speech yet, but early signs are promising – Barack was as balanced as he could be and the speech seems to have generated a lot of conversations and buzz on blogs and television around the world.

Osama bin Laden criticized Obama’s speech before it even happened. The best result the world can hope for is that people like bin Laden becomes irrelevant to young people. This engagement and empowerment of young people can only happen when western countries make lifestyle sacrifices and consider the rights and welfare of all people. A new beginning indeed.

update: The link should work now. Looks like youtube had to deal with all the hatred that this speech brought out. It amazes me that Obama saying ‘As-Salaam-Alaikum’ (peace be on you) or quoting from the Koran is considered traitorous.

Don’t most speakers try to engage their audience with words and greetings in the local language and culture? Would they prefer if he said “Howdy-Doody Cairo”? Wow, I thought people were a little smarter than they are currently demonstrating.

update 2: I watched the whole thing. A lot of rhetoric and very preachy, but I still think he’s as progressive as America will allow.


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