art of war

July 23, 2009

I recently starting reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War. It seems to be an outstanding strategy on war and is quite advanced for a book written 2400 years ago. What I don’t understand is why people relate everyday life to war – war at work, war at home, war at school, war in normal relations. I don’t think that Sun Tzu ever expected it to be used in the way it is being used today. No wonder everyone is so prickly at work.


One Response to “art of war”

  1. paulus06 Says:

    I submit that Sun Tzu’s treatise is both a practical application and a philosophical app. It is all in what you take from it and your need to use it. In business you have “office politics”, do you play or not? If you play to win you must use strategy. I worked in a nationwide business. The Art of War gave me the ability to navigate the shark infested waters.Lol. Read Myimoto Mushashi’s Book Of Five Rings also. It concerns sword strategy, but like the Art has deeper meaning.

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