do I have to like gran torino?

July 29, 2009

I watched Gran Torino a few nights ago and didn’t understand the hype. The story had potential, but the acting was so terrible and the screen play was so obvious that I kept looking at my watch. However, the last ten minutes had some redeeming value. I don’t know what it is with Hollywood and treating viewers like they are two years old.

However the intent of this post is not to discuss Gran Torino or Slum Dog Millionaire – both of which I felt didn’t meet the hype. What’s interesting to me is the reaction that people have when you don’t like a movie that they like. The reaction ranges from anger (all too common) to mockery to condescension (“maybe you didn’t understand it”).

I guess part of the problem is that people interpret you not liking a movie as an affront to their taste – an attack on their sensibilities that is indefensible because it is a personal choice and subjective at best. Egos are wonderful things.


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