organic food

July 31, 2009

Interesting study about organic food and how we are being duped. I agree that most people are duped by mass-produced, industrial organic food. When big supermarkets started down the organic trend, I became sceptical about organic standards. When something becomes trendy, I tend to become extremely wary and normally extricate myself from the mass hype.

Why do I support organic food that is locally grown as much as possible?

  • Animal treatment is regulated. Animals must have access to the outdoors and there are strict regulations about space per animal
  • Less artificial chemicals (pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, growth hormones) are introduced into the ecosystem
  • Much of the produce tastes better because it is picked ripe, is bred for taste rather than appearance and typically travels a smaller distance (not considering mass organics)
  • Less energy is used for transportation
  • More people are gainfully employed since more effort is required to deal with pests and weeds
  • Chemical companies don’t benefit as much
  • Species variety is valued
  • I like supporting the small farmer
  • It’s my choice

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