Yasser Qahawish’s Artisanale

August 18, 2009

Recently, I ate (yet again) at Artisanale – Yasser Qahawish’s Guelph restaurant. Yasser has a great philosophy about food. He feels that good food should be available to everyone and that good relationships are required between the chef and his or her producers and suppliers. He counts on the farmers as part of his team and they are regularly seen eating in the restaurant.

Yasser was the chef at Osgoode Hall (Law Society of Upper Canada) for several years before the toll of commuting to Toronto from Guelph every day became too much for him. He and his partner Allison opened Artisanale in 2007 and their dream continues unfolding with tasty results. He has also dedicated a chunk of his time to training his wait staff – they know the menu, the wine list, and are courteous and friendly.

I have eaten at Artisanale five or six times and I have always enjoyed the food and the creativity in using Ontario’s local harvest. I recently enjoyed tasting raw Ontario artichokes, Ontario whitefish and Lake Erie perch. I wish I had a neighbourhood restaurant like this near me. And by the way Yasser’s frites are deadly – they can almost start fights at the table.


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