cowardly liberals

September 2, 2009

Dwight Duncan has found a scapegoat in Kelly MCDougald, the OLG CEO. She was fired for mostly legitimate expenses at OLG just when she was starting to turn the troubled corporation around. Read Thomas Walkom’s take on the matter.

From reading the news this week, it seems that the OLG board resigned because they would not follow the government’s direction on firing the OLG CEO with cause. A new board of government bureaucrats was put in place immediately and their first action was to fire Kelly McDougald. It seems that the government has no courage to face the opposition in the Legislature and will react impulsively if there is even an unsubstantiated hint of bad news – even if it costs taxpayers a bundle with yet another change in direction.

I have yet to see anything that could resemble just cause for her being terminated. I am sure that Kelly McDougald will sue the Ontario government and win a lot more than the severance that the government was so desperately trying to avoid. But now the government can use the excuse that they were trying to do the right thing but the judge overruled them.


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