tasting displeasure about B-motion

September 7, 2009

I just finished an old book by Jancis Robinson called Tasting Pleasure about her early life in wine tasting. I love the way Jancis writes with no arrogance or pretension and with an understanding of the privileges she has. Jancis has released a great amount of information on her web-site and I was thrilled that she had recently released the first season of her beautifully-shot television series ‘The Wine Course’ on YouTube.

I had only just started to watch it when all the videos were pulled down and this was put in its place – “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Robert-Jan Vugts, B-motion”. It brings up an interesting question about copyright and the author’s or main participant’s rights about releasing their work for free.

There are many documented cases where copyright laws actually stifle and abuse the people that the laws were meant to protect. Jancis’s excitement (and subsequent problems) about releasing the videos is another example. In the end, authors want people to read their books and Jancis was interested in sharing an old television series from 1995. Please complain to B-motion if you are upset. What B-motion doesn’t understand is that the uploaded videos would have generated publicity and sales of the full-quality DVDs due to the viral nature of YouTube.


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