kelly versus dwight

September 12, 2009

Kelly McDougald, ex-OLG CEO, is launching an $8 Million lawsuit against the Ontario government for wrongful dismissal. Her firing, for what amounted to a few thousand dollars of yet-unproven unacceptable expenses at a $6 Billion company, is a scapegoating exercise by a very incompetent and paranoid government. Without context, anything can be made to appear wrong and the media has no problem reporting unconfirmed facts without context as long as the story sells. Kelly McDougald has released a statement regarding her dismissal.

I am surprised that the opposition isn’t highlighting the fact that a mere FOI request caused the government to force the resignation of the OLG board and to fire the CEO. It’s quite probable that the ex-CEO will soon find out what it feels like to win the lottery (Jackpot: $8 Million; Just Imagine).

Note: Her much-publicized $400,000 salary is a pittance for a CEO of a $6B company. The going rate is between $3 Million and $10 Million a year.


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