want excitement?

September 13, 2009

The Fedex Cup is supposed to be professional golf’s playoffs, but they don’t feel all that exciting when you compare them to other sports like hockey or basketball – even with all the boosterism by the PGA. I am aware that there is a $10 Million prize for the winner, but that probably isn’t enough of an incentive when the world’s best player, Tiger Woods, has endorsements worth ten times that much – we are just lucky that he is still interested in breaking golf’s records. In addition, there is the golf fall series right after the playoffs are over, so it takes away the feeling of a climax.

If you want real playoff excitement in the Fedex Cup, then hold back 25% of all winnings throughout the year for the Fedex Cup purse. This should provide a substantial incentive for Tiger and the other players to win back (or not allow anyone else to win) their money.


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