back to work

January 3, 2010

Tomorrow I go back to work after having a week and a bit off for Christmas. This time has been amazing for me. I have accomplished very much including procrastinating some work I had to get done for tomorrow.

But more importantly, I dove into the murky waters of the past and surfaced tender and raw but with the promise of healing and clarity. I rejuvenated many relationships and see clearly much of the time. I re-introduced the drum and its unexplainable power. I allowed love to well up inside me until it threatened to burst out in tears. I saw and felt, thought much and spoke little (I hope), listened patiently and watched. I read about things that moved me and affected me deeply. I wrote words and read them aloud, giving someone a voice, touching a heart, watching their tears.

Discussions about love, regret, our past, our future, creating life, possessing, control, guilt, duty, friendship, the forest, the river, the sun, pilgrimages, growing older, feeling like we are running out of time, our ancestors, religion, belief, callings and answers, dignity, grace, power, being alone, family, mothers, life, joy, happiness, togetherness. I am sure that I accomplished more in the last two weeks of the year than in the other fifty (bar one or two).


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