shiv sena stupidity

February 9, 2010

The Shiv Sena battle with Shah Rukh Khan is now over. The Mumbai-based party took a lot of hits to their credibility after calling the Bollywood star a traitor for supporting the admittance of Pakistani players in the IPL. They were also trying to set up mass protests against Rahul Gandhi when he visited Mumbai for his stance that Mumbai is for all Indians. Neither disruptive tactic worked as most of Mumbai showed up in support of Gandhi.

Shiv Sena (an extreme right-wing Hindu party) and their leader Bal Thackeray are trying to use religion to divide people in India (and especially in Mumbai). It riles me up when any group uses inflammatory tactics and hatred (in the name of local pride) for their political goals. There will always be divisive people especially in a country in transition; it is up to India to respond appropriately to these controlling tactics.


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