price of corruption

February 11, 2010

Yesterday, our taxi driver was explaining the state of corruption in Goa. Most government officials take bribes to quicken the time to do regular tasks. Not following the bribe system can be frustrating, slow and may require many trips to complete a single task. However, he is still able to do all his official work without bribing anyone since 1986 – although he has had to endure quite a lot of pain.

One way he asked us to avoid corruption is to ensure that we only rent vehicles that have a yellow and black license plate since it designates a commercial vehicle. These vehicles pay taxes to Goa. He estimated that Goa loses Rs. 300 Crore to illegal vehicles. This means less money for Goa to improve and succeed.

Another problem are passengers on the state buses in Goa that don’t purchase real tickets, but bribe the conductor for a lesser fare. So, 100% of the fare goes into the conductor’s pocket and the state gets nothing. This means more breakdowns, more buses in disrepair and worse service. So a small saving for each person can mean a large disaster to a state trying to improve itself. In the end, us Goans are mostly to blame – if we stopped giving bribes, there would be no one to take them.


One Response to “price of corruption”

  1. hualda Says:

    i smell the same thing here int Philippines

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