foreigners owning businesses

February 13, 2010

I seem to have a real problem with foreigners owning businesses in Goa. It just feels wrong to me. I know that there is some hypocrisy in my thinking but I believe that I have rationalized it for the most part.

My main issue is that the local people and economy are not flourishing. If the locals were doing well and things were equal, I would have no issue with foreign ownership. There is also a difference in a foreigner who has really moved here out of love of Goa and is contributing to Goan society with respect and humility and in a person who is here as a leech on the local culture.

So it seems like the issue is about inequality between most locals and foreigners; and I also want people from elsewhere to act with humility in Goa and not act like they are above the law or like royalty here.


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