February 17, 2010

Today I bought a few books from the ‘Other India Bookstore’ on the history of Goa – one of my favourite topics. I plan on having fun researching if my theory of forced conversion to Christianity is true. The Portuguese believed in colonizing by culture change – they were not satisfied with the money and wealth – they also had to change the way that people behaved, dressed and spoke.

Religion was another important change for the Portuguese. What I don’t understand is the general high regard, respect and love that the Goan Catholics have for the Portuguese. People try to show off by speaking Portuguese as if it indicates a higher education, learning or familial pedigree. I think it just shows the ‘love your oppressor’ complex that many victims get. Add to that the confusion that the Portuguese caused by incenting people to speak Portuguese or to convert to Christianity by giving them power through top jobs, and you get a good idea of Catholic Goa.


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