harper on women’s healthcare

March 18, 2010

Stephen Harper’s government said that Canada’s G8 submission on healthcare for women and children does not include any programs on contraception because contraception has nothing to do with women’s healthcare or mortality. No comment required.

Actually comment required. Why is our government so moronic? Allowing conservative religion to dictate policy is problematic at the best of times. Contraception has nothing to do with saving women’s lives? Child pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, pregnancies from rape, non-stop pregnancies where her body does not have the chance to recover – these are only some of the issues that women face that have a direct relationship to contraception and mortality. Harper also has to stop muddling the contraception discussion with the much more volatile abortion issue.

Abortion is a very complex issue, where all sides can be debated strongly and fairly convincingly; but contraception? Really? In these times when we know better? This government is an embarrassment to Canada.


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