speaker contrast

May 31, 2010

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to hear two very different people speak: a vibrant, funny, energetic, well-loved lesbian and a bloated, self-important Catholic Monsignor. The woman was funny and articulate, and gave a well thought-out and truthful valedictory speech. She had her classmates in gales of laughter, groans of memory or screeches of excitement. She started her speech by announcing that her wife was pregnant to huge applause and screams. (What a contrast to a couple of decades ago when most would have walked out of the room – but that’s another story.)

The priest was a narcissist who insisted on convincing the congregation at a wedding that love did not exist in this world and that marriages were doomed. Using the effect of darkening the sky to show the ray of light, his rambling, disjointed sermon hit a low-point with his trivialization of the sexual abuse of children by clergy in the Catholic church. Nowhere else would a statement like this be tolerated – corporations would be sanctioned, individuals would be berated and shunned, officials would lose their jobs – but when it comes to the Church, anything goes. I would love to throw something when an imbecile (who unfortunately is in a position of great power to the brainless automatons that are his congregation) decides to spread hate or diminish their own vulgar actions.


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