sex ed

June 8, 2010

Seems like the Catholic Church (in addition to other mind-control religions) is against Dalton McGuinty’s sex education curriculum because it dares to view homosexual relationships as tolerated. Well I guess that’s okay since the Catholic Church has their very own unique method for sexually educating kids.

Please don’t read this as trivializing the Church’s sexual abuse patterns or as a stereotyping of all priests. I think that a large percentage of priests are not child sexual abusers, but I object to the way this organization hides and protects the offenders in their midst – many times moving the offender around to new parishes where they find new children to abuse. In many ways the Catholic church is the very worst of corporations – taking the benefit of tax-free status, monetary donations by mindless people, and historical power to defend indefensible crimes and abuses.

I lived a good part of my life listening to the hatred spewed from the pulpit during sermons – hatred of strong women, gays, lesbians and many other groups. People not qualified to be human directing the minds and souls of hundreds in their congregations. Hatred and calls for violence hiding behind our charter rights. Why is this allowed in our society?


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