foreign coaches at the world cup

June 16, 2010

I thought that the Milovan Rajevac (the Serbian citizen who coaches Ghana) acted despicably after Ghana beat Serbia on Sunday. When his assistant coaches went to congratulate him in excitement, he brushed them off in irritation and embarrassment as if celebrating would be treason to his native country. I realize that he is Serbian, and that his team Ghana had just beaten Serbia, but if he has a conflict in his heart then he shouldn’t have accepted the job.

Just as the rules exist for players, I think that countries should not be allowed to have a foreign citizen act as head coach; at most he or she should be an assistant coach. This will ensure that behaviour as displayed by Rajevac will not happen again, and all conspiracy theories (like the one circulating about Rajevac purposely trying to lose to Serbia) will be put to rest.


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