September 30, 2010

Remember to always fill yourself with light.
so when in a few years your shell fades
and drips like cheap makeup,
you are not left with an empty husk
or a withered regretful core.


dark horses

September 28, 2010

dark horses with crazed eyes, mouths frothing
drag a man down a tree lined dusty road,
eyes closed, dead perhaps?

eyes flash open in the darkness, cold sweat
beads on your neck. wake me from this dream,
eyes closed, I’m still alive.

library tour

September 10, 2010

I heard a beautiful snippet on CBC radio this morning about a grandmother who is taking her grandson on a grand tour of all the TPL library locations across Toronto. They are on number 42 (out of 93) and enjoying their time together in this simple but lovely adventure in companionship, learning and exercise. These are the types of simple pleasures that people remember for a lifetime.