i understand

January 31, 2011

i understand who you really are
your true nature lies bare for
everyone to see and categorize you

selfish. user. manipulator. bitch
your needy nature knows no
bounds. has love ever touched you?

yet i know there is more to this
your fear guides your life
insecurity your best friend. forever

when will you grow? an eternity
has passed and you stuck
still locked in a dance with yourself

different partners same song
the steps are different
but the tune is hauntingly familiar

with love there are never games
played. no tests given
no using. no manipulation and lying

love is freedom. free and safe
to be you. smiling like
the entire world is paradise. just

just because you are with me and i
am with you. laughing like
you finally know what love feels like

and you wonder why. for so many
years you hid behind a mask
when you could have been laughing

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