I remember you

February 20, 2011

you think I’ve forgotten you. your face
is imprinted in my mind. a thousand years
we have known each other. friends, lovers
travelling through time without knowing
the story’s end.

comfort in familiarity. talking in silence,
knowing before the other spoke, these were
our greatest moments. we are like water –
impermanent shape. we are never starting,
never ending.

you cannot take me away and I cannot
leave you. the imprints are deep. I owe much
of myself to us – to a love that burnt so
brightly that it scarred my soul. your love
will never leave me.

I never want it to. I want to be able to rub my
fingers across the old marks – feel their shape,
respect the fire that branded. I am unsure,
shaky about why. you think I don’t remember
yet I always see you.


lost without a map

February 20, 2011

the days go by and the ache has not yet subsided
life moves at a harried pace, running never walking
the world blurry to my tired red eyes, straining to see
and be a part of it. I seem trapped in another dimension
with nothing to link me back, no lifeline to show me the
way, no guide to point out the direction. I can’t seem
to step back though my life is just on the other side
of a very narrow lane. So close yet so far away.

lucky in love

February 13, 2011

You know the person you want to be comforted by when life is just terrible? Who is that person? And the person you want to share all your joy and good times with? Who is this person?

You are tremendously lucky in love if both situations name the same person; the rest is just icing on the cake. (And you know you can smooth over icing or use it to decorate as you like – that’s what icing is for.)

Happy Valentine’s day! Enjoy the true meaning of love this year. Here is a wonderful quote to get you started:

“Love that stammers, that stutters, is apt to be the love that loves best.”
— Gabriela Mistral


February 12, 2011

cotton on blue cloth
drifting and floating higher
in azure summer sky

within my soft hand
an injured bird grows strong
to fly again in freedom

the blood red pumps
heartbeat away from the sound
that heels in spring make

boundless in your love
to give comfort with such ease
autumn’s too fast now

you lead in the dark
the shine of your inner light
no match for winter


February 11, 2011

snow covers the earth and birds rarely come
to our yard to chirp and flirt with each other
life has come to a standstill, very little moves
outside, the world does not seem to bother

life as I know it creeps like so thick maple sap
potential for sweetness, missing heat and care
I wander with no path, no direction, just wander
hoping very much I will see you standing there

nature is dormant but pregnant with potential
the slightest warmth will get all the buds bursting
greenness, sunlight, how I wish I could hold you
in my arms. For then I’ll no longer be thirsting


February 10, 2011

you escaped. from right under my nose
slipped away into the night. taken flight
from the coldness and harshness of life
how could I let you go without a fight?

furtive glances. long goodbyes. watching
you turn and wave goodbye. a sad smile
a soft kiss blown clear across the aisle
how could I let you go after all this while?

who am I gonna miss? “Me!” you answer
who are you going to miss? “You!” True.


February 7, 2011

you destroyed me tonight along with your
own hopes. dashed like a drifting ship on
the sharp crags of shore. plucked from the
apex and dropped into mire and filth.

wasted. the energy, the passion, the very
core of my being wasted. playing a game
with life – your life – is foolish. standing
before gods as witnesses of foolishness.

i did not anticipate getting here this fast
wiping tears where moments before there
were smiles. ask yourself why you need to
be loved more than you love. grow.

ask yourself why you are most afraid when
you are at your happiest. look deeply