October 29, 2010

A beautiful thought by the Dalai Lama:

It is important to distinguish between genuine humility, which is a type of modesty, and a lack of confidence. They are not the same thing at all, although many confuse them. This may explain, in part, why today humility is often thought of as a weakness, rather than as an indication of inner strength, especially in the context of business and professional life.

Something I have been trying to say for years, but he is so much more eloquent. I guess meditating for five hours every day may produce a clear mind or something.


lost and dazed

October 16, 2010

lost and dazed. feeling alone in a sea of people
blurry eyes that do not see correctly anymore
a heart that does not feel right, beating and
hurting you. hurting for you. you stinging my chest
with words that challenge my way, my action, my life

why throw away love? when it should be held close
to heal my aching heart. to nourish my darkened soul
that sounds hollow when tapped, a husk of
my former self. scattered where I was sharp, confused
instead of assured. conflicting with myself over my hardness

victims of my madness fall in suffering, wondering
why change that is so consuming, has happened
without any warning. a trip away and life has crashed
like it was built from rubble. it seemed so strong and resilient
never-ending, never needing repair, always there. for granted

I need my life back, whatever form it takes, now
that much is destroyed and falling apart in front of
my eyes, from the outside things appear perfect like
rainbows and sunshine, why complain? inside I mourn for advice
to live a dream or my reality. cornered, I snarl like a mad dog. gnashing

finding peace

October 4, 2010

To find and hold a sense of peacefulness, you must be at peace with yourself. That means loving yourself and truly forgiving yourself. Only then can we properly approach loving and forgiving others. This is required for peace.

Finding peace also requires humility and the control of your ego. There seems to be little room for egotism, spite or hatred when you are at peace. Thinking we are better than others is the enemy of love and peace. Acting selfishly is at odds with love. Being self-absorbed will not allow peace to exist.

library tour

September 10, 2010

I heard a beautiful snippet on CBC radio this morning about a grandmother who is taking her grandson on a grand tour of all the TPL library locations across Toronto. They are on number 42 (out of 93) and enjoying their time together in this simple but lovely adventure in companionship, learning and exercise. These are the types of simple pleasures that people remember for a lifetime.


July 30, 2010

I was recently thinking about a beautiful hand-embroidered rug that has a specific pattern throughout except for one corner. This “flaw” is deliberately introduced because nothing made by human hands should be perfect – that should be left to God. Perfectly imperfect and precisely imprecise is the goal and the result is often more beautiful than if it was perfect.

Humans, though different than rugs, are also beautiful due to their imperfections. Sure the top models (and others we hold as the epitome of beauty) have fewer imperfections than most, but part of their beauty is some unusual feature like wider-than-normal eye spacing or unsymmetrical eye shape. So why are we always chasing that unattainable perfection? Why do we always hate something about ourselves that most people don’t even notice? I think the answer has more to do with advertising than any genetic program to attain beauty.

The full assault of advertising is difficult to withstand – most women’s self image and ideas about beauty comes from advertising. Is it possible to measure up to some touched-up and tricked-up image? So we flounder and berate ourselves, wonder if that new product can really reverse time, hold ourselves to unfair standards, and spend lots of money to the beauty industry’s delight. The cure? Embrace some of those imperfections – it’s what makes you so beautiful.

drill baby drill

May 13, 2010

Imagine if John McCain was running things. Little disasters all over the place. Drill baby drill. When will we learn?

missing hoops

April 3, 2010

Anyone else notice how many outdoor basketball courts in the city have backboards but no hoops? The schools in my area actually take down the hoops to discourage teenagers from playing basketball at night. I think that there are a lot worse things for a teenager to do than exert energy and get exercise in a positive game. We take away the few avenues that they have to release their pent-up energy and then we complain when any shit happens.