March 23, 2011

silence. the world sleeps while I toss and turn.
weird dreams awaken a longing inside me
that I haven’t felt for a very long time.

emptiness. the comfort of warmth is hiding.
I am left to guess, ponder and consider
whether I understand your real truth.

sadness. your promises have not been kept.
running without words! you are supposed
to be my support. pillar. like I am yours.



March 9, 2011

red as love sleeping peacefully in your arms
the maroon tones, gently
washing the crimson tides of passion, calm
warm light, yellow and soft

I was listening to CBC radio the other morning and I heard an inspiring piece about an art exhibition by ex-convicts from a halfway house in Toronto. The art was inspired by a text message to the halfway house inhabitants that asked “How would you like to be remembered when you die?” The art was the response and from the conversations it was interesting to remember once again that we are only divided by the circumstance of our lives. As one of the artists said “there are a lot of people out there that often do bad things – but they just don’t get caught. Yet these same people have no problem moralizing about the evils of doing bad things.”


March 1, 2011

silence, the sweetness of your sound
vibrates through my entire body
settling into my core, shaking the dust,
wiping the lintel above my soul

my friend the wind, torturous sounds
like the wolf howling after the kill
warm and cold all at once, simmering
this chill inside my timid heart

silence. silence, how I love your sound
moving aside my fears, watering
the seeds of my happiness, washing away
the doubt of who I always am

I remember you

February 20, 2011

you think I’ve forgotten you. your face
is imprinted in my mind. a thousand years
we have known each other. friends, lovers
travelling through time without knowing
the story’s end.

comfort in familiarity. talking in silence,
knowing before the other spoke, these were
our greatest moments. we are like water –
impermanent shape. we are never starting,
never ending.

you cannot take me away and I cannot
leave you. the imprints are deep. I owe much
of myself to us – to a love that burnt so
brightly that it scarred my soul. your love
will never leave me.

I never want it to. I want to be able to rub my
fingers across the old marks – feel their shape,
respect the fire that branded. I am unsure,
shaky about why. you think I don’t remember
yet I always see you.

lost without a map

February 20, 2011

the days go by and the ache has not yet subsided
life moves at a harried pace, running never walking
the world blurry to my tired red eyes, straining to see
and be a part of it. I seem trapped in another dimension
with nothing to link me back, no lifeline to show me the
way, no guide to point out the direction. I can’t seem
to step back though my life is just on the other side
of a very narrow lane. So close yet so far away.

lucky in love

February 13, 2011

You know the person you want to be comforted by when life is just terrible? Who is that person? And the person you want to share all your joy and good times with? Who is this person?

You are tremendously lucky in love if both situations name the same person; the rest is just icing on the cake. (And you know you can smooth over icing or use it to decorate as you like – that’s what icing is for.)

Happy Valentine’s day! Enjoy the true meaning of love this year. Here is a wonderful quote to get you started:

“Love that stammers, that stutters, is apt to be the love that loves best.”
— Gabriela Mistral