I miss you

April 12, 2011

life with a friend. mentor. lover. gentle critic. seeing all my faults. talking sweetly about the ones that matter. ignoring the rest. exaggerating the good in me. showing me another way. comforting. just being there. exposing your heart. being vulnerable. watching over me. tolerating my criticisms. understanding my intent. allowing me to comfort you. dreaming big dreams together. cherishing small miracles. seeing beauty in the smallest moments. walking and smiling while mentally holding hands. knowing that you are so loved. never wanting. always feeling full. breathing together. knowing so much about the other. knowing so much about love. being blind. your beauty is because of my eyes. but it’s also real beauty. physical and your soul shines. I have known you so long. before this life. I am sure of it. always believing in me. caring even when no one else is looking. caring even now when I don’t deserve it.


lost without a map

February 20, 2011

the days go by and the ache has not yet subsided
life moves at a harried pace, running never walking
the world blurry to my tired red eyes, straining to see
and be a part of it. I seem trapped in another dimension
with nothing to link me back, no lifeline to show me the
way, no guide to point out the direction. I can’t seem
to step back though my life is just on the other side
of a very narrow lane. So close yet so far away.