oaxacan chocolate

September 12, 2009

I met Michael Sacco at the Brickworks this morning. He is very passionate about chocolate and coffee, but especially about the people of south Mexico. You can’t help but be infected with his feeling of how the conditions and life of the growers is as important as the taste of the beans. Michael has a chocolate company in Toronto called ChocoSol Traders with its very own Cacao Loft (6 St. Joseph Street).

So far I have tried their 99-1 (99% dark chocolate, 1% ground vanilla pod) and hemp seed butter chocolate cups. The texture is coarser than what you are used to if you eat chocolate but the flavour is very good. Here is a Toronto Star food feature article about Michael and a short video about ChocoSol. If you are interested in the story about the food you eat and the people who produce it, you will like Michael.


canadian visas

July 24, 2009

The Government of Canada has no excuse for the latest fiasco – visa requirements for Mexico and Czech Republic citizens. Canada definitely has the right to require visas, but they should have given people fair advance warning.

We in Canada hardly knew anything about it. Imagine living in countries that don’t speak English and having to deal with this. People are lined up at our consulate for blocks overnight. Others are losing flight fees and time with loved ones in Canada. Another bone-head move from DICKtator Stephen Harper.