April 7, 2011

carer. discipliner. tired woman
raising eight children. birthing ten
jennifer dead. a boy also. pain
and tears at carrying a corpse

liver of dreams. provider. lover
of us all. giving when there was
nothing left to give. wiping our
tears. making us weep salt

teller of tales. stealer of stories
funny mother. your losses make us
indignant and angry when we
should be be understanding

you are us in a few years – with
luck and hard work. to be so loved
is profound, rare. to be so admired
is what we strive for. mother.



April 7, 2010

born, only mother. no father
brotherly worship. love life
till you die so the memories
will not fade. mind barricades
the pictures of togetherness

married. children, married
eight is a lucky number. live
until you are happy to go
to other worlds, watching us
grow quiet and devastated

old woman, back bent straight
grandchildren want you, need
you to know things they cannot
say. wish you knew more about
me. thinks you do already. know