I remember you

February 20, 2011

you think I’ve forgotten you. your face
is imprinted in my mind. a thousand years
we have known each other. friends, lovers
travelling through time without knowing
the story’s end.

comfort in familiarity. talking in silence,
knowing before the other spoke, these were
our greatest moments. we are like water –
impermanent shape. we are never starting,
never ending.

you cannot take me away and I cannot
leave you. the imprints are deep. I owe much
of myself to us – to a love that burnt so
brightly that it scarred my soul. your love
will never leave me.

I never want it to. I want to be able to rub my
fingers across the old marks – feel their shape,
respect the fire that branded. I am unsure,
shaky about why. you think I don’t remember
yet I always see you.



November 11, 2009

Today remember that war is wrong except in the most exceptional circumstances. Remember that war is horrific for its participants and for its victims but also for its victors who remember too well their unnatural acts.

Remember that most armies are made from civilians forced to fight. Remember that this is a sensitive and complex issue and both sides can be debated effectively. Remember our freedom from not being at war. Remember that veterans are often shunned by the very governments and armies that incited them to give everything to the cause.