poor chris brown

November 17, 2009

Chris Brown is upset at Oprah for speaking out against violence against women. He even dared to bring up (on Larry King) that he performed for Oprah’s school in Africa as if she now owes him one (and should support him). We need people like Chris Brown in this world to remind us of how not to behave when we are wrong – his self-centred, faux-victim stance is so common in society yet so public this time that you can’t help but reflect on it.

This is the brand of person that we are raising today – too much ego, never wrong, never actually contrite or accountable. And it’s fascinating how much of society immediately feels sorry for the abuser, especially if they are a celebrity. Everyone requires time for discomfort and to reflect on what they have done – please give them that time. Good for Oprah for not backing down as she is apt to do to protect one of her own. Sometimes you stand up and call a fool a fool.